Study of Genesis

Veronica and Erika start a new series on the book of Genesis.  They dig into how God introduces Himself in the first two chapters and what we can learn about Him from His act of creating. Erika and Veronica referred to their podcast on Proverbs 25:2 and it’s episode #94.

Erika and Veronica look at why we aren’t still dwelling with God in the garden.  We know that sin entered the world, but let’s look closer at God’s response to the first two recorded sins and see what we can learn about Him. Erika has two podcasts about the parable about the prodigal son and they are episodes #23 and #24.

As we continue the story arc of God, man and sin, we talked about the man who choose to be different and to be righteous.  Sin has continued to spread throughout humanity and God needs to deal with it.  Again, we look at God’s response to sin and end with the question of what will happen now that a righteous man is dwelling outside the garden. 

This week we stop to add some “guns” to the mantle that have already popped up in Scripture and are going to pop up in the future.  Each gun needed a bit of discussion.  Veronica references the First Fruits of Zion Messiah podcast from December 6, 2022 with Greg Stone. This episode ends with continuing the story arc of what happens with man, sin and God.

This week we start looking at a man who the New Testament continually points to his incredible faith – Abraham. We talk about the first time God showed up and how that changed Abraham’s life forever. Erika mentioned the book “The Cross and the Switchblade” by David Wilkerson.  

In this episode, Veronica breaks down how God is already fulfilling His covenant to Abraham in Genesis 14.  But one part of that covenant hasn’t been fulfilled so Abraham questions God in chapter 15 and God gives Abraham the strongest oath possible to make sure Abraham knows it will happen. The library books mentioned in this episode are both books are by Gail Jarrow. The first is American Murderer:  The Parasite that Haunted the South.  The other is Bood and Germs: The Civil War Battle Against Wounds and Disease.

In this episode Veronica and Erika discuss Abraham, Hagar and Sarah.  Have you ever been like Sarah and looked at the situation and could not see a reasonable, explainable solution?  What did you do then?  What did Sarah do?  What lessons can we learn from that? Have you ever been desperate like Hagar?  How did God show up?  What hope can you share with others about that time?  Finally after waiting 24 years, Abraham is still waiting for a son.  What did God do for Abraham so he could know God was trustworthy?  

In episode 131 Veronica made a statement she didn’t understand the importance of Melchizedek.  Erika is going to teach us all the importance of Melchizedek.  It’s AMAZING!!! 

In this episode, we continue to watch Abraham’s interactions with God. We see another example of how God deals with sin, but this time bring in the idea of how one person’s righteousness can save others.  We also continue the storyline of Lot which leads to two new people groups.  This episode ends with still waiting for the promised seed.  

In this episode Veronica and Erika discuss the final highlights of Abraham’s life and the culmination of Abraham’s faith with the Genesis 22.  They focused on God’s continued provision throughout Abraham’s life as well as those around him.

We are coming to the end of Abraham’s life, and he finally gets his first piece of land.  Then the story begins to shift to Isaac and Rebekah, but first the author of Genesis lays a foundation of who Rebekah is and her similarities to Abraham.  In Genesis we’ve laid foundations while we’ve watched Abraham’s faith, and now, we move onto his family. 

It’s time to look at Isaac’s life.  He may not get much ink in Scripture, but we can still dig into his life and learn from him.  Join Veronica and Erika on this episode as they continue their discussion on Genesis, the covenant and God’s introduction. 

In this episode we discuss Jacob’s deception and the journey that follows.  Over the next few episodes, we are going to connect the dots with specific phrases and actions that link the next 20+ years together. 

In this episode we continue discussing Jacob’s time with Laban and his ultimate return home to the land of his father.  We connect the dots we talked about last week and show how this story needs to be viewed as a whole.  

We’ve been watching God fulfill His covenant to Abraham and his family but that doesn’t mean the entire family carries “the seed.”  That blessing only goes to one child.  In this episode we are going to start crossing out potential “seed carriers” to see why they aren’t chosen.   

We’ve been watching God fulfill His covenant to Abraham and his family but that doesn’t mean the entire family carries “the seed.”  That blessing only goes to one child.  In this episode we are going to start crossing out potential “seed carriers” to see why they aren’t chosen.   

This week we set up the drama as both Joseph and Judah seem to be out of the running to carry the seed as well. 

It’s time to turn our attention to Joseph.  We need to follow his story so when Pharaoh doesn’t know Joseph in Exodus 1:8 we will know what Pharaoh doesn’t know.  

We left off with Joseph in prison last week but now it’s time to have him rise to prominence and bring his family together again. 

This is the culmination of Joseph’s story.  It’s time for him to reveal the truth to his brothers.  Brad Young says this is the first time we see reconciliation in the Bible. Let’s see what we can learn from Joseph.

As the final episode on Genesis, Veronica and Erika wrap up the story of Jacob and Joseph.    They discuss two more “guns on the wall” that are brought up at the end of Genesis.   The question of who will carry the seed does not get answered in Genesis.  That question actually carries on throughout the Old Testament. 

Erika’s podcast on Psalm 23 which is episode #122. 

The podcast on the Davidic covenant is episode #11.