Holiday Podcasts

The final feast of the year on God’s calendar is the Feast of Booths aka Feast of Tabernacles. The Hebrew name is Sukkot. This is joyful celebration with many layers and levels as thanksgiving is given for past and future provision.

Join us for a short episode as we talk about this Most Holy day, the Day of Atonement called Yom Kippur, for the Jewish people.  We talk about the ways it was celebrated during Jesus’ day and today.  

Join Erika and Veronica as they give insight into the Jewish New Year. 

In this episode, Erika and I unpack some details behind Passover.  We talk about why people celebrate Passover, what cup is used for communion, why they don’t use lamb, and what did Jesus mean when He stated He won’t drink it again until His father’s kingdom.  If you want to purchase you own Passover book, we recommend “Celebrate Passover Haggadah : A Christian Presentation of the Traditional Jewish Festival” by Joan R Lipis.  

In preparation for Christmas, we brought Bryan VanHaitsma back into the studio (Erika’s basement) to unpack that word “Nazarene.” The words spoken in Matthew 2:23 sound like they should be from the Old Testament yet they aren’t. Was Matthew adding to Scripture then when he said this?