Shortie Episodes

Erika’s husband, Bryan VanHaitsma, gives us insight into how the Hebrew Bible is laid out and how the minor prophets function together as a whole rather than twelve separate books. 

This might be the best podcast yet!  Erika digs into the Hebrew word chen which is the Greek word charis and the English word favor or grace.

Using the story of Moses and the Israelites in Exodus 33 and 34, Erika shows us how Jesus is a prophet greater than Moses and brings new depth to the word favor.  

In episode 131 Veronica made a statement she didn’t understand the importance of Melchizedek.  Erika is going to teach us all the importance of Melchizedek.  It’s AMAZING!!! 

Erika decided to look into the idea of praying in Jesus’ name.  Listen to this shortie episode to find out what she discovered and how it’s affected her prayers. 

In this episode Veronica and Erika share some of the connections they found between Exodus and Acts.  They didn’t know these connections were there until they started studying Acts.  Their goal is not only to share those connections with you, but help you see the connections between the other books of the Bible.  

Erika’s husband gave her an incredible image of God’s pursuit of evil one day and she wanted to share it. We need to look at this picture of God using both hands.  On the one hand one day God will pursue evil in the way Erika talked about.  But like Veronica pointed out, on the other hand God is pursuing us in a different way right now. 

This is just a fun rapid-fire questions to get to know us.  We do reference Jonathon Auxier, Daniel Lancaster with Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue, and Elizabeth Elliot.  

Veronica and Erika give a quick but thorough explanation on what Jesus means in Matthew 6 when He talks about a good eye and a bad eye. The goal for this short episode is to show what we provide with our weekly podcast.

Erika and Veronica share one short tip how to study the Bible with children.  The commentary they recommended in this episode is “The Rational Bible: Exodus” by Dennis Prager.