Study of Habakkuk

Erika’s husband, Bryan, joins the podcast to dig deeper into Habakkuk 1.  Bryan sets up the context of what is going on around the world in Habakkuk’s day.  Then we discuss Habakkuk’s initial complaint to God. 

Bryan is the digital media director for Revive Our Hearts.  He studied at Hope College in Michigan and Jerusalem University College in Israel.  He has a passion for digging into Scriptures that we often find perplexing, helping us understand why that story might be included, and what we are supposed to do in light of that story.

Erika’s husband, Bryan VanHaitsma, gives us insight into how the Hebrew Bible is laid out and how the minor prophets function together as a whole rather than twelve separate books. 

Habakkuk set up his complaint to God and in this podcast we are going to see God’s response.   

Last episode we covered God’s response to Habakkuk so this episode we discuss how Habakkuk responds.  

In this episode we conclude Habakkuk’s response to God.

In this episode Bryan slows down to explain why verse 4 is vital to the entire Bible.  He shows how God answers Habakkuk’s second question in verses 4-5. 

When we were recording Habakkuk 2:4 Bryan had so much more he wanted to point out about this verse in regard to the New Testament (Galatians 3, Romans 1, Matthew 11).  In this episode he shows how Paul used that verse to answer the question of who’s in  God’s kingdom.  John used this verse while he was in prison to ask Jesus if He was the one.  

God is responding to Habakkuk’s three questions with 5 woes.  Bryan gives us the template for understanding these woes as well as covers the first two woes.  

Bryan covers the last three woes of chapter 2 in this episode.   

We started the book of Habakkuk with him venting his complaints to God. It’s time to see how he responds to God’s response. Habakkuk looks back at the exodus while looking ahead to the future.

What an end to the story.  This is the end of the end that leaves Habakkuk and us standing in awe and worship.  This episode reminds us why we can have peace in troubled times.  Why we can face the evil and not be afraid.