Study of Ruth

In this episode Erika provides the background info we need to study the book of Ruth.  She talks about the common lens people often use when studying Ruth and then shares the lens we want to use as we study this book. 

She also lays out the time period of the judges that provide the background for the story as well as who the Moabites are.  Leading up to the book of Ruth, the Moabites are found in Genesis 19 and Numbers 22-25.  Phinehas’ reward and blessing is also found Psalm 106:30-31. 

Erika unpacks chapter one of the book of Ruth in this episode.  She introduces the characters and their dilemma that sets up this story. 

One major theme in the book is the Hebrew word “chesed.”  Veronica and Erika quickly explain this word, but Erika gives a fuller explanation their video study on the Spring Feasts and Hebrew words.  Click on the link below to watch this 30-minute video.  

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When we left off, Naomi and Ruth were alone in Bethlehem.  Naomi had a new burden placed on her and she was letting everyone know about her bitterness.  As chapter 2 starts off, Ruth puts her promise into action.  She goes out to the fields in order to provide for Naomi.  Erika explains how her “happening happened” to find her working in Boaz’s field.  Does Ruth know what God told the Israelites in Deuteronomy 24:19-22?  How does that help the poor in that society?  

In today’s episode Erika and Veronica discuss Boaz’s potential age and Ruth’s potential royal background.  We also see who shows chesed in this chapter.  We end the chapter with Naomi having a slight spark of hope again.

What does Genesis 38 have to do with the story of Ruth?  Who has a connection to Judah and Tamar in our story today?  What exactly was Naomi asking Ruth to do and what were the potential ramifications?  Who is showing chesed in this chapter?  Erika takes the story today and puts it into modern terms.  

This chapter is filled tension and ends on a cliffhanger.  Erika takes us to the edge of the cliff and stops the story there for next week.  

In this last chapter of Ruth, Erika shows how Boaz ties up the loose ends.  He has a dilemma before him of how to make it acceptable to marry Ruth.  How does Boaz do that?  What ties does he make that gives the community they excuse they need to accept this marriage, but what blessing do they give him to show they know what he’s doing?  What did God think of this union? 

Erika shares her take away lessons from the book of Ruth.