Memorizing Psalm 91

My sister, Erika, and I are encouraging others to memorize Psalm 91. Here are the resources we made to help others along the way. Take screenshots to keep the verses on your phone.

Here is a five-minute video to give insight into the meaning of verse 1 and some practical tips.

Here is a short video to give insight into the meaning of verse 2 and some practical tips.

Insight into verse 3 with more tips to memorize as well as some fun blooopers

Here are our tips for verse 4.

Here is our insight into verse 5 as well a new tip for memorizing.

Check out this 5 minute video on verse 6.

New video on verse 7 with great reminders and tips.

Here is verse 8 along with tips and tricks.

More tips, tricks and teaching. Watch to the end for the fun edit I did. Gotta love being an older sibling.

Here’s some thoughts and ideas on verse 10.

Time for verse 11. Here is some more tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks to help you remember verse 12.

We put verses 13 and 14 together since we are getting to the end of the psalm.

We hit the last two verses of Psalm 91 and provide tips on how to keep reviewing so you don’t lose it.