Study of Esther

We are starting a new series on the book of Esther.  Just like the story of Jonah, it’s another comedy and familiar story that we are coloring in more details. 

We want to encourage you to memorize part or all of the book.  Let us know how that goes.  You can connect with us on our social media.  And as you listen to each episode, make sure to read the entire book so you get more familiar with it. 

We take a new approach to teaching this time around. We are looking at the story as if it’s a movie.

A flashback. Beauty treatments.  A police report.  Esther 2 is filled with a wide range of events and bright color.  Join us as we bring these events to life on the big screen.  

In this episode we bring you the picture of Mordecai and Haman facing off and then Haman’s evil scheme coming into play.

In this episode we have a split screen going on between Mordecai and Esther as they plan what to do to save the Jewish people.

In this episode we watch Esther invite the king and Haman to a banquet.

In this episode watch what happens when Haman approaches the King. 

Esther finally reveals to the King who is behind the destruction of her people.

The end of the story of Esther is quickly approaching.  We envision the battle scenes and the aftermath.

What are the lessons we can learn from Esther?  How does Deuteronomy 31:18 point to the story of Esther?  Where did God go when He left the Temple in Ezekiel 10:18? Find out those answers and more on this episode.