Summer Series 2021

For the summer Veronica and Erika are discussing the lifestyle of the average Jew in first century Israel.  For most of this podcast, we will be explaining children’s education.  

Did you know not all Jews in first century Israel believed the same thing?  Did you know there were branches or sects within Judaism?  As you read the Gospels or the book of Acts, have you paid attention to how Jesus or Paul interact with certain groups?  Both Jesus and Paul knew how to use their differing beliefs to their advantage.  Do you know which group Paul belonged to and what they believed?  Do you know which group is considered the heroes of Judaism and why? 

Veronica and Erika talk about the 4 main groups we see in Scripture.  They are the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Essenes, and the zealots. 

Veronica and Erika continue their discussion about life in first century Israel and how Scripture influenced daily life.  In this episode they talk about “keshers,” hyper links in the text, that relate back to another verse.  Erika showed how Jesus used the word “love” and pulled from two different Old Testament verses to answer which is the greatest commandment.  Veronica pointed out that on the cross Jesus quotes Psalm 22:1. We also said Luke 23:29-30 connects back to Hosea 10:12.

Erika shares an exciting connection found in Matthew 22:15 with the Herodians and paying taxes which relates back to Genesis 1:27.  Jesus gave a powerful lesson to the people standing front of Him but also to us today.   

In this episode, Veronica and Erika examine the idioms and exaggerations that are used in Scripture. Every culture has their own sayings, therefore so does first century Israel.  Just like you might be confused when visiting that new culture and hearing those expressions, we can walk away from Scripture missing the meaning or being confused if we don’t recognize what is going on.  

How does Proverbs 22:9 relate to Matthew 6:22-23 and what is the good eye and the bad eye? What does Jesus mean when He says abolish and fulfill the Torah in Matthew 5:17-19?  Then in Matthew 5:29-30 did Jesus mean to encourage His followers to cut off their hands or pluck out their eyes? What does it mean to hate your family according to Luke 14:26? We will examine each of those questions in this podcast.  

In this episode Erika expands on the life and travels of a rabbi.  She explains that a rabbi is like a celebrity in our day.  Everyone would be honored and blessed to have a rabbi in their home and community. While men and women could be rabbis, Erika explains why it was harder for women.  

Scriptures mentioned in this episode are Matthew 7:28, Matthew 8:19-20, Luke 10:1-12, and John 8:16-18.

Veronica and Erika wrap up their discussion on rabbis today with a discussion on the Tabernacle, Temple and synagogues.  They also explain with more detail the ways women could support the rabbi if they were unable to travel.  

The big news at the end of the podcast is they introduce the fall study on Exodus.  The new season will kick off September 6 and return to a weekly schedule.